The new 2023 BrainImmune Media Kit


the new BrainImmune media kit
The new BrainImmune Media Kit

BrainImmune starts its fundraising efforts for the year. We look for both academic and corporate partners and sponsors.


Our primary target audience is the research community – both public and private sectors – working at the interface of neurosciences and immunology. This also includes any fundamental and clinical field related to these large research areas.


One of the paradoxes of medical sciences is building boundaries between disciplines and drawing dividing lines between research fields.

Neurosciences and immunology developed independently for many years and the immune system has been often regarded as autonomous.

brain-immune interfaceVISION

We bring the latest developments in neuroendocrine immunology and our resource draws together concepts and ideas scattered in hundreds of scientific journals.

The more we share knowledge, the easier it is to break down barriers between scientific areas.


We aim to narrow down the information and conceptual gap at the interface of neurosciences and immunology. Our mission is to help boost and expedite the advancement of a new interdisciplinary research field that has great potential and significance.

SELECTION of BrainImmune Highlights (content)

BrainImmune features articles on allergy, asthma and autoimmune diseases; 15 articles on Covid-19, over 25 posts on autoimmunity and arthritis. Articles related to fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and autism. This includes several posts addressing the role of cytokines in fibromyalgia, CFS and autism. Several articles on depression & Parkinson’s, over 15 posts covering dementia & Alzheimer’s disease.

bonding 1Women’s Health

Over 15 posts on pregnancy and the postpartum period, maternal stress, breastfeeding, stress and pregnancy, autism and pregnancy, pregnancy outcomes, etc. Several articles and posts related to the role of oxytocin in women’s health; Also breast cancer and the role of stress in middle age women and Alzheimer’s risk, etc.

Stress & Stress and Immunity

BrainImmune is the first site covering stress-immune interactions, the interface of stress and immunity and the impact of stress on health and disease. With articles such as the first description of hyperthyroidism following stress; the birth of stress research was in the early 20th century when Walter Cannon and Hans Selye introduced the Fight-or-Flight Response and the stress concept.

We feature over 100 articles in this area, with more than 25 articles related to stress and cancer!

IL-23 psoriasis 1Cytokines & Th1, Th2 and Th17 cells

We publish many articles and posts related to cytokines and/or their interactions with the neuroendocrine and stress systems. Few examples:

INF: The discovery of interferon, the first cytokine; TNF: Brain TNF Homeostasis and Chronic Pain; IL-6: Interleukin-6 – a Better Predictor of Future Cardiovascular Events; IL-6: Link between Cerebrospinal Fluid IL-6 and Depression; IL-8: IL-8 Levels & Fibromyalgia; IL-10: Chronic stress and IL-10/STAT3 pathway’s induction; IL-12: How Stress Prevents the IL-12 Immunostimulatory Effects; IL-17: IL-17: Promising Therapeutic Target in Several Chronic Inflammatory Diseases; Th17: Th17 and Glucocorticoid Resistance; IL-23: Sensory Nerves Driving IL-23 Production in Skin and Psoriasis; IL-33: IL-33 in Alzheimer’s Mouse Model Showing Promise as a Therapeutic Target.

WHAT we offer

“We don’t sell drugs; we offer concepts”.

The quote above is from Jim Vanderzon, a friend and businessman from the Washington D.C. / Bethesda area, referring to our mission, when we kick-started this project. We cannot compete with what the largest medical journals are offering. Yet, we are the only online resource to offer HIGHLY TARGETED AUDIENCE at the interface of neuroscience and immunology.

main partner benefits newPartnership & Sponsorship

We recognize and value collaboration as a fundamental cornerstone needed to effectively promote the modern research at the interface of neuroscience, endocrinology and immunology.

We offer flexible and diverse opportunities to highly target our community and readership. You will reach a selected international audience – from many scientists, PhDs, scientists-physicians and clinicians worldwide – to key opinion leaders and decision makers.


PROMOTE your brand, products and/or institution.

Develop a deeper PARTNERSHIP with the global research at the interface of NEUROSCIENCE and IMMUNOLOGY.

ALIGN YOUR BUSINESS with a new and rapidly growing field and research community. See for example, some of the main partner’s benefits – shown on left.

Why Choose Us?

BrainImmune is the first online resource in the broad interdisciplinary area of neuroendocrine-immunology and stress-immune interactions – at the interface of neurosciences and immunology.

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This online resource serves not only as a useful foundation of knowledge for researchers, but also as an important educational tool for medical and PhDs students or postdoctoral research scientists and trainees worldwide.

We offer an opportunity to support not only a new interdisciplinary research field, but also to reach a highly targeted audience. Thus, you can promote your products and/or activities related to neurosciences and immunology – the two largest research areas.


  • We are very excited to be the first site exploring the neuroendocrine-immune dysfunction in many human diseases.
  • With your support we can accomplish our mission to advance a new field with a GREAT POTENTIAL and SIGNIFICANCE.
  • Get involved, reach a HIGHLY TARGETED AUDIENCE and increase your BRAND AWARENESS.

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