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BrainImmune: Trends in Neuroendocrine Immunology is a medical research-focused online resource, featuring new concepts and viewpoints at the interface of neuroscience, endocrinology and immunology.

BrainImmune is also the first site covering stress-immune interactions, the interface of stress and immunity and the impact of stress on health and disease. Of note, we feature over 100 articles in this area, with more than 25 articles related to ‘stress and cancer’.

Apart from being a useful foundation of knowledge for researchers and medical professionals, we provide a new educational tool in this area – for medical and PhDs students and postdoctoral research scientists, worldwide.

We aim to narrow down the information and conceptual gap at the interface of neurosciences and immunology.

The more we share knowledge, the easier it is to break down barriers between scientific areas.

In the rapidly growing online publishing world, however, funds are limited, thus, we increasingly need our readers support.

Help our mission to advance a new medical research field that has great potential and significance!

Support the mapping of human brain- and stress-immune interactions.

Boost the development of the only online resource that delivers up to date information into the broad interdisciplinary area of neuroendocrine-immunology and stress-immune interactions.

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