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A Special Thanks to Our Editorial Board Members for Their Recent Support!

Special Thanks to Our Editorial Board Members

A big special thanks to professors Vincent Geenen, Manfred Schedlowski, Marco Cosentino and Georges Maestroni for their recent support with our 2022 fundraising campaign.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for their recent financial contribution: Vincent and Georges via our recent Indiegogo campaign; Manfred and Marco, through our internal crowdfunding and donate page, at BrainImmune.

The new Essen groupOf note, Manfred Schedlowski, and his team, including Harald Engler, Sven Benson and Martin Hadamitzky from the Institute of Medical Psychology and Behavioral Immunobiology, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany, have made the most significant donation to this point.


Your backing is important to us, and we greatly appreciate your donations!

We are honored to have you as Members of the BrainImmune’s Editorial Board!

Vincent, Manfred, Marco and Georges have been at the forefront, and the real pioneers and the undeniable driving forces of our field!

Importantly, they set an example, and inspired many scientists from the new generation in this relatively new interdisciplinary field.

Of note, Manfred and Vincent have been or are currently being the Presidents of the PsychoNeuroImmunology Research Society (PNIRS), and the International Society of Neuroimmunomodulation (ISNIM), respectively.

Vincent, Manfred, Marco and Georges also have contributed immensely with articles, commentaries, editorials, etc. at BrainImmune, see below.

svg%3EP. S. A few days after this post was published, professor Rainer Straub has also joined the group of our benefactors.

Thank you Rainer!

An update: Professor Rainer H. Straub from University Hospital, Laboratory of Experimental Rheumatology and Neuroendocrine Immunology, Regensburg, Germany is the newly elected Editor-in-Chief of the journal Neuroimmunomodulation (Karger).

See below his contributions at BrainImmune.

In addition, few days after Rainer’s contribution, Christopher Ballas has also joined the team of our friends and supporters, via our internal crowdfunding and donate page, at BrainImmune.

Thank you Christopher!

Christopher Ballas, PhD is a Senior Vice President, Head of manufacturing at the Innovative Cellular Therapeutics (ICT), Rockville, Maryland, USA.

The Innovative Cellular Therapeutics is a private clinical stage biotechnology company headquartered in Rockville, MD.

Ballas ChrisICT is focused on the development of cellular immunotherapies for the treatment of solid tumors. ICT’s unique CoupledCAR® technology platform is designed to overcome the common challenges of treating solid tumors.

Dear Rainer and Christopher, thank you for your great generosity. It is important to us, and we greatly appreciate your donation!

As we said – together we are making a difference!

Your support is stimulating, and an encouraging reminder of why we started this campaign.

Ilia Elenkov, MD, PhD
The Editors

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