Friends of BrainImmune

GEBIN, the German-Endocrine-Brain-Immune-Network

GEBIN is a network that combines activities in different German scientific societies with a special interest in Behavior-Neuro-Endocrine-Immune interactions.

The colleagues, friends and readers listed below have helped the development of the BrainImmune project by donating their time, effort and/or monetary support.

We greatly appreciate their support.


Christopher Ballas, PhD, Cell and Gene Therapy Science and Manufacturing Executive, Philadelphia, PA, USA.; Prof. Fulvio D’Acquisto, PhD, London, UK.


Prof. Vincent Geenen, MD, PhD, Liège, Belgium; Christopher Ballas, PhD, Cell and Gene Therapy Science and Manufacturing Executive; Beata Glover, Bethesda, MD, USA; George Dinkov, Washington, DC, USA; Jordan Divers, MSc, London, UK; Anthony P. Divers, Norwich, Norfolk, UK; René Akre, Chair of The Board of Directors at EXPAND, The European Immuno-neuropsychiatric Association, Netherlands; Prof. Georges Maestroni, PhD, Italy; Prof. Rainer H Straub, MD, Germany; Stella and Dimiter Christof, Irvington, New York, USA.

Profs. Manfred Schedlowski, PhD; Harald Engler, PhD; Martin Hadamitzky, PhD and Sven Benson PhD, Essen, Germany; Prof. Marco Cosentino, MD, PhD, Varese, Italy; Karen Krahl, DC, CA, USA; Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu, PhD, Israel; Fulvio D’Acquisto, PhD, UK; Rita Businaro MD, PhD, Italy; Alfredo Corell, PhD, Spain; David Jessop, PhD, UK.

Alfonse T. Masi, MD, USA; Edward Tobinick, MD, USA; Not disclosed, anonymous donor; Germany; Mariana Dimitrov, PhD, USA; Emil Michaels, MD, USA; David Sehy, USA; Greg Swan, USA; Serge Nataf, MD, PhD, France; Andrej Mladenov, Finland; Gabriel Bassi, PhD, USA; Eliana Elenkova-Divers, Bulgaria/UK; Joyce Slusser, USA; INI-Research gGmbH Group, Germany; Maria Teresa Ferretti, PhD, Switzerland.

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