Extraversion or ‘Extrovert’ Personality Trait Linked to Brain’s Reward System and High Dopamine Release

personality and dopamine release

A new study by Richard Depue and Yu Fu from Cornell University, New York, indicates an association between extraversion and dopamine (DA) functioning – suggesting that if extraversion represents the manifestation of an incentive reward system, then the trait may be in part influenced by the activity of the mesocorticolimbic DA projection system.

According to the authors and a recent report in medicalxpress.com – people’s brains respond differently to rewards: “Rewards like food; sex and social interactions as well as more abstract goals such as money or getting a degree trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, producing positive emotions and feelings of desire that motivate us to work toward obtaining those goals.

In extroverts, this dopamine response to rewards is more robust so they experience more frequent activation of strong positive emotions.”

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Source: medicalxpress.com
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