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BrainImmune Media Kit

Media Kit

 BrainImmune Media Kit Online Version

media kit 2022 downloadBrainImmune delivers up to date information and the latest developments into the broad interdisciplinary area of neuroendocrine-immunology and stress-immune interactions.

We are the first web resource exploring the interface between neuroscience and immunology. By narrowing down the information and conceptual gap at the neuroscience-immunology interface, our mission is to

advance a new interdisciplinary field that has great potential and significance.


BrainImmune Media Kit FeaturedBrainImmune features over 25 articles on autoimmunity and arthritis; over 30 posts on interleukin (IL)-17 & Th17 cells. More than 40 posts on the role of the sympathetic nervous system, catecholamines and beta-adrenergic receptors  and immunity & immune-mediated inflammatory diseases.

Of note, over 15 posts related to SARS‑CoV‑2 and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Also, 15 articles on pregnancy and the postpartum period, stress and pregnancy, breastfeeding, autism and pregnancy, etc.

A number of articles on major depression, Parkinson’s disease or fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and autism. Over 15 posts covering dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, including several related to ‘stress and anxiety and the Alzheimer’s risk or the development of dementia.

Over 100 posts on ‘stress and immunity – we are THE ONLY site covering this area. This includes the 1st description of ‘hyperthyroidism following stress’; the birth of stress research in the early 20th century when Walter Cannon and Hans Selye introduced the ‘fight-or-flight’ response and ‘the stress concept.

Of note, over 25 articles related to stress and cancer!

Articles related to ‘stress and infections’, including stress and dyshomeostasis in COVID-19, ‘stress and asthma, or autoimmunity, stress and ‘cardiovascular diseases’, stress and fertility, etc.

Our Story and INFLUENCES

BrainImmune was conceived at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, MD, but the decision was made at a meeting organized by Institute of Functional Medicine, IFM, in Palm Springs, CA. In 2009, the BrainImmune project was initiated and produced originally in Rome, Italy.

NIH, Palm Springs and Rome

Featured above: Bldg. 10, the Clinical Center, NIH, Bethesda, MD; The Westin Mission Hills Resort, Rancho Mirage, CA and Rome, The Eternal City. Interestingly, also in building 10, NIH, our friend and colleague David Goldstein, MD, PhD wrote the BrainImmune most popular article: Walter Cannon: Homeostasis, the Fight-or-Flight Response, the Sympathoadrenal System, and the Wisdom of the Body.

BrainImmune was born out of the influence of a new and rapidly developing interdisciplinary field referred to as neuroendocrine immunology, neuroimmunology or psychoneuroimmunology. Some of the leading figures in this field, now serve as members of our Editorial Board.


“It’s a pleasure to support BrainImmune. It is an amazing resource!” (Twitter).
– Prof. Fulvio D’Acquisto, PhD, University of Roehampton, London, UK.

“I read often BrainImmune, as this is a great online resource for scientists. I am supporting the campaign and encourage you to do so too.” (LinkedIn).
– Maria Teresa Ferretti, PhD, CSO Women’s Brain Project, Switzerland.

Brilliant articles and congratulations on the professional look and content of BrainImmune!

– Dr. Clive Wilder-Smith, MD, FRCP, AGAF; The Brain-Gut Research Group, Bern, Switzerland (an email).

BrainImmune AUDIENCE

the brain immune interfaceOur primary target audience is the research community – both public and private sectors – working at the interface of neurosciences and immunology. This also includes any fundamental and clinical field related to these large research areas.

We are perhaps the only online resource to offer HIGHLY TARGETED AUDIENCE at the interface of neuroscience and immunology. Or, the interface of stress and immunity, and the impact of stress on health and disease – an often overlooked and not quite understood area!


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Concluding REMARKS

We are very excited to be the first Site exploring the neuroendocrine-immune dysfunction in many human diseases.

With your support we can accomplish our MISSION to advance a new field with a GREAT POTENTIAL and SIGNIFICANCE.

Get involved, reach a HIGHLY TARGETED AUDIENCE and increase your BRAND AWARENESS.

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